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pour se sentir bien, dedans et dehors

Les massages, au centre de bien-être Unterwirt, sont bien plus qu'un simple geste médical. Il crée une sensation de complète relaxation pour des vacances à l’enseigne du bien-être. Les massages sont prodigués dans des pièces accueillantes qui favorisent l’harmonie du corps et de l'esprit. Nos massages placent les exigences de nos hôtes au centre de l’attention car non seulement nous choisissons pour chacun d’eux la thérapie la plus appropriée (traditionnelle, orientale ou innovante) mais nous appliquons aussi des méthodologies personnalisées basées sur les huiles essentielles et les sources de chaleur. Tout est mis en œuvre pour offrir un bien-être maximal et garantir les meilleurs effets bénéfiques. Ce sont des moments qui permettent de se relaxer totalement et de se retrouver.

Durée: 50 Minutes Prix: 65,00 €

Streamlining treatment for

a perfect figure

This effective body treatment helps to decongest

the abdomen, trim the waist and strengthen the

abdominal wall. The intensive massage gently stimulates

the abdominal cavity, to improve tone and

streamline contours.

Durée: 80 Minutes Prix: 92,00 €

Innovative cellulite treatment

with sculpting effect

A unique and effective cellulite treatment: cupping

is combined with active natural ingredients for

long-term and visible alleviation of signs of cellulite.

The special features of this treatment include an

invigorating foot bath, a body exfoliation, a stimulating

cupping treatment and a graduated cellulite

massage. To reinforce the effects, we recommend

that you combine the cellulite programme with

a seaweed bath to provide extra hydration and

re-awaken the metabolism. The true meaning of

full-body care!

Durée: 50 Minutes Prix: 70,00 €

Our detoxifying massage with chestnut honey is an

ancient and highly effective remedy. This special

massage technique with a cleansing action stimulates

the metabolism, relieves tension and stress,

counteracts the after-effects of any neglected conditions

and strengthens the immune system. This

allows the whole body to regenerate itself. Chestnut

honey works by penetrating deep into the connective

tissue. The waste elements in the connective

tissue can be dissolved and then eliminated from

the body, leaving the skin smoother and softer, and

the tissue more toned. The treatment ends with a

delightful massage, during which our own brand of

Castanea Body Lotion is applied. Important: do not

take a sauna before the massage!

Durée: 45 Minutes Prix: 65,00 €

Our grandmothers' traditional knowledge is combined

with a proven massage technique and the

use of medicinal herbs such as arnica and hypericum.

The warmth from two basalt stones and the

soothing power of chestnut will help you feel wonderfully

calm and relaxed.

Durée: 75 Minutes Prix: 110,00 €

Experience the enormous energy of this prehistoric rock, whose composition includes an extremely high percentage of quartz and more rare precious crystals, such as rock crystal, tourmaline or zircons, for example.

Associated with the ritual of fumigation practiced with the South Tyrol incense tree, and the mystic chants especially composed, the massage ritual is incredibly relaxing and leads to a state of deep calm. The special floral essences extracted from wild herbs and Alpine vegetal oils that possess a heating action are chosen according to the teachings of popular South Tyrol tradition; additionally, they stimulate the metabolism, activating the body's self-healing powers. Direct testimony indicates that the action on the individual of this authentic massage involves a practice that can range from "extremely relaxing" to "very corroborating". Silver Quartzite is extracted only in South Tyrol.

In comparison with other natural stones, it possesses a high level of thermal conductibility; a medical assessment has actually classified Silver Quartzite as "belonging to the group of medical minerals".

Durée: 50 Minutes Prix: 80,00 €
Strong pressure massage using natural silver quartzite stone rods and energy work with white, alkaline silver quartzite crystal powder gives you a feeling of weightlessness, release from old burdens and new strength and energy.
Longing for a back massage that reawakens your primordial powers?

A silver quartzite massage begins with a soothing back wrap, from the very first moments you forget the stresses and strains of everyday life. What follows is a manual massage technique, specially developed by 7 experts which eliminates all stiffness and tension from the back muscles. This holistic treatment has been created according to the principles of Traditional European Medicine (TEM). It employs a range of deeply relaxing, relieving and strengthening elements to activate your inner primordial power: a warming lamb’s wool wrap for the liver, naturopathic incense rituals, pressed primordial stone tea–wild herb sticks, revitalising silver quartzite water and your personal energy giving geometric primordial symbol. We use all natural, wild-grown regional products of Demeter quality.
The back symbolises support in life, the centre of our body. Strong pressure massage using natural silver quartzite stone rods and energy work with white, alkaline silver quartzite crystal powder gives you a feeling of weightlessness, release from old burdens and new strength and energy.
Durée: 70 Minutes Prix: 110,00 €
Energetic cleansing and profound motivation for the implementation of new projects.
Due to its high quartz content, silver quartzite is considered balneomediacally to be a healing earth. This cleansing ceremony deeply purifies and tones the body, activates your metabolism and cleanses your sensitive energy centres of polluting substances. Planned mental and physical changes are supported by the scent of larch resins and high alpine mountain juniper, as well as special primordial music. You have a new sense or freedom, are better able to access your inner self and are mindful of qour surroundings.
Durée: 75 Minutes Prix: 119,00 €
The treatment begins with your lungs – a mountain
juniper smoke ritual encourages the de-acidification
process. Special naturopathic wild herb filter
cushions are then applied to stimulate the action of
the liver and kidneys.
An intense, targeted massage with peeling effect
harnesses the proven naturopathic qualities and
de-acidifying and detoxifying effects of silicon-rich
medicinal clay from the Vizze Valley in South Tyrol.
Your muscles and connective tissue release their
excess acidity through your skin, and your body
becomes re-mineralised and revitalised. Your inner
alchemist is activated, encouraging your powers of
self-healing and leaving you feeling powerful and
filled with new life and energy.
Recommended for: athletes, periods of high stress
at work, over-acidified connective tissue, weight
fluctuations, joint discomfort, chronic fatigue and
general feelings of weakness.
Durée: 20 Minutes Prix: 40,00 €
Relaxes face and head muscles.
Durée: 20 Minutes Prix: 40,00 €
Complete relaxion for your feet
Durée: 45 Minutes Prix: 110,00 €
Enjoy deep relaxation for two, in a

              larger-sized cubicle.
Durée: 45 Minutes Prix: 59,00 €

Subtly blended essential oils complement

this massage and indulge

your senses.

Durée: 50 Minutes Prix: 68,00 €

Foot reflexology is based on the

idea that the feet interact with

the whole body through corresponding

                                        reflex points.
Vitalpina back massage with juniper and apple extract
Durée: 20 Minutes Prix: 38,00 €
Vitalpina legs massage with juniper and apple extract
Durée: 20 Minutes Prix: 38,00 €
Back & legs massage with juniper and apple extract Vitalpina
Durée: 50 Minutes Prix: 68,00 €
Durée: 50 Minutes Prix: 62,00 €
Massage with hot basalt stones and ethereal oils.
Durée: 45 Minutes Prix: 59,00 €

Delicate sound vibrations reach

into all the joints and muscles,

and the whole body is gently

relieved of deep-seated tensions.

Durée: 20 Minutes Prix: 38,00 €

The Breuss massage is an energetic

back massage, which

relieves mental and physical

tension and helps to regenerate

neglected intervertebral discs. It

was designed as a preventative

treatment for intervertebral disc

Durée: 50 Minutes Prix: 68,00 €

A reconstructive back treatment

using highly effective natural active

ingredients and a massage tailored

to your specific needs. Singing bowls

and cupping glasses relax the tension

in the back muscles and improve the

suppleness of your spine, giving you

lasting relief. Free yourself from stress

and blockages, and stand up straight!


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