Our approved bike guides:


Jürgen knows this area like his own pocket. Already as a young boy, biking was his passion - and you can still see that today: just take a look at his enviable biking calf muscles. The Corona time has now brought me to this final career change and now my great passion has become my future profession. I am already looking forward to meeting you!


In my family, it has always been important to experience nature while doing various activities. Biking emerged early on as my favourite mountain discipline, as it allowed me to quickly and effortlessly explore the vast landscapes and their numerous trails of my wonderful home region of South Tyrol.
This passion for movement, in combination with the knowledge that I gained through my sports science studies, which is reflected in my enthusiasm, is something I also try to pass on to my fellow bike enthusiasts.

Information about our guided bike tours:

Jürgen and Lukas are out on their bikes for you 6 times a week. Together with the BrixBike and Plosebike bike schools, we provide a varied bike programme:
Lessons in technique for beginners
• Tours with a difference in altitude of up to 2,000 metres (and more)
• Thousands of downhill metres (mainly on nature trails!!)
• On a wide range of mountains and high pastures in the region
• Mutual respect among hikers, farmers and other bikers is of fundamental importance for us.
Important: participation in our guided tours is normally permitted above an age of 16!
(However, exceptions prove the rule:-))
Upon request and depending on the availability of guides, we offer tours for children and families.

Note: we do NOT have bicycles for children at the hotel.
It is possible however to rent a bike at the bike rental station at the railway station or the Plose mountain station.

As a Mountain bike hotel in South Tyrol, we fulfil all of our guests’ expectations for a perfect biking holiday in South Tyrol

Bike expertise

  • Member of the Bike Hotels and Brixbike hotel group
  • Our own Brix-Bike biking school with 6 approved, skilled, local, friendly and good-looking bike guides
  • Even our hotel director Helmut is an approved bike guide
  • 6 guided tours are offered every week with 2-3 skill levels
  • 6 tours in 6 different mountain pasture and mountain areas
  • Technique training class
  • Bike rental at the hotel (Simplon bikes)
  • E-bike rental of Focus e-bikes at the hotel
  • Racing bike tours upon request
  • Bike shuttle with trailer and return transport if required

Services for our bikers

  • Tour information corner and maps
  • GPS device and tours for download
  • Sale and rental of helmets and water bottles at the hotel
  • Sale of energy bars and energy drinks at the hotel
  • Laundry service (included in our bikers-packages)
  • Bike washing station
  • Repair area with spare parts
  • Safe, lockable bike depot
  • Indoor training for bikers in our fitness area
  • Massages especially for tired legs
  • Package for bikers