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Active holidays in South Tyrol - everything is possible. These offers will help you discover and experience hiking in a fully new way:

Forest bathing

I love trees, they give me the feeling of security and strength.
A short walk or run through the forest and the fresh air is enough to feel more relaxed and recovered afterwards. In Japan, bathing in the forest according to the “shinrin-yoku” method has long been part of a healthy lifestyle. Forest bathing is not only hiking, it is more about being consciously aware of nature. Those who stay in the forest lower their blood pressure and reduce their stress hormones. Trees should also calm your nerves and stimulate the immune system due to the essential oils they release to the air. Forest bathing also promotes our physical and psychological well-being. The cleaner the oxygen is that we breath in the forest, the most intensive is the feeling of happiness.
(This is a Vitalpina Hotels ® offer)

Breathing hikes

A deep breath in - a sign of desperation, but also of release...
go together with our wellness trainer on a special hike that focuses on breathing. You will not believe how targeted and conscious breathing can have an impact on mood. A deep breath in - take in the air, every aroma that is involved, fill up your lungs - stay still, hold it in - and then relax and breath out. This will help you let go .... Jürgen will guide you.
(This is a Vitalpina Hotels ® offer)

Our hiking packages with the most beautiful views of the Dolomites.