Pure nature for pure skin
Special and absolutely unique is our exclusive CASTANEA cosmetic line,
which we have developed in collaboration with VITALIS Dr. Joseph to meet the well-being needs of our guests.

CASTANEA Bodylotion

Intensive moisturizing body cream. Protective extracts of chestnut, apple, rosehip and hydrating botanical hyaluronic acid give your skin a plus of extra vitality and glow.

CASTANEA Peeling/Scrub

This effective body scrub with chestnut extract cleanses and stimulates the skin, leaving it clearer and brighter.


This wonderfully fragrant Hair & Body Cleanser with natural, mild surfactants leaves a pleasant smoothness and a feeling of cleanliness and well-being.

CASTANEA leg relief gel

Perfect care for refreshing and invigorating tired legs. Ideal after hiking, long working hours and sports activities. With high-quality alpine herbs and extracts of chestnut, mint and centella asiatica.