Pure nature for pure skin
CASTANEA COSMETICS - This modern product line was developed in collaboration with PIOKFREQUENZ specifically for Tauber's SPA, to meet the highest demands of guests. Local, organic raw materials in synergy with high-quality oils and active ingredients from the natural pharmacy form a stable basis for the unique PIO[K]FREQUENZ cosmetic line. Thanks to PIO[K]FREQUENZ, the effectiveness of the products is enhanced and intensified. Our products are exclusively available at the Hotel Taubers Unterwirt.

CASTANEA Bodylotion

This intensively moisturizing body lotion ensures long-lasting well-being for the skin. Grape leaf and chestnut, combined with bioactive peptides, form a delicate moisture barrier and provide relief for the body.

CASTANEA Peeling/Scrub

La castagna nobile, la vite rossa e il quarzo si combinano per formare uno scrub intensamente detergente, che delicatamente favorisce la circolazione cutanea e ha un effetto ringiovanente. Basta massaggiare sulla pelle umida e poi sciacquare. Questo scrub è ideale prima di qualsiasi massaggio o impacco corporeo, poiché migliora l'efficacia dei trattamenti successivi.


This gentle cleansing gel is suitable for all skin types. Its mild formulation with natural ingredients ensures effective cleansing without drying out the skin. The active ingredients of chestnut and dark grapes work harmoniously and strengthen the skin tissue. Flavonoids, which are part of the polyphenols, strengthen the cells and act as antioxidants.

CASTANEA leg relief gel

Perfect care for refreshing and invigorating tired legs. Ideal after hiking, long working hours and sports activities. With high-quality alpine herbs and extracts of chestnut, mint and centella asiatica.

CASTANEA Sports Cream

The main components of this deep-acting therapy care are devil's claw, arnica, and quartz. This cream has been specially developed to treat muscle and joint pain. As carrier oil, we have chosen Castanea Body Oil, which blends wonderfully with devil's claw and arnica extract. This is a special product with deep action.


This oil, with a high oleic acid content, penetrates deeply into the skin, leaving a rich, moist feeling. Active ingredients such as chestnut and grapevine from the region are enhanced by the Pio(k)f frequency, which is particularly pleasant and tolerable for sensitive skin. Chestnut and grapevine are ideal for heavy, congested legs. Grapevine strengthens blood vessels and reduces inflammation.