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Our Sauna Facilities

In our Castanea Sauna World, you have your choice of five different types of sauna:

  • The Finnish Sauna:
    High temperature: 80° to 100 °C, low relative humidity. The hot, dry air promotes evaporation of sweat. Typically, a ladle of water is poured over the hot rocks to boost the heat.
    Effect: Fortifies the immune system, excellent training for your heart and circulation system, enhances general feelings of well-being. We recommend always visiting the Finnish sauna after the steam bath / sauna.
  • The Dolomites Steam Sauna:
    Based upon Roman steam baths. The Caldarium is a warm-air room with a temperature of 40 to 50 °C with a relative humidity of up to 90%. The environmental conditions in the sauna and the salubrious effect of semi-precious stones like quartz complete the effect.
    Effect: Alleviates cramps and releases the blockage of body fluids. Purifies the skin and clears respiratory passages.
  • The Artemisia Sauna:
    Temperatures: 40° to 45 °C. Supersaturated steam from a boiler is led into the sauna chamber. The steam passes through selected herbal mixtures, releasing their essential oils.
    Effect: Mild warmth, essential oils, and herbal substances enter into the respiratory passages. This helps to calm the nerves, clear the bronchial passages, and alleviate rheumatic complaints.
  • The Keschtn Sauna/Biosauna:
    Is especially mild and pleasant. Temperature: Max. 50° to 60 °C, relative humidity approx. 45-55%. The pleasant aroma of chestnut wood has a positive influence upon your well-being and mood.
    Effect: Mild warmth, good for skin and hair, purifies and stimulates the respiratory system.
  • The Infrared Sauna:
    Your body is warmed not by an oven, but rather via infrared rays. The rays penetrate the skin and pleasantly heat the deeper layers of your body.
    Effect: Stimulates the circulation, helps the body rid itself of toxins, alleviates mild rheumatic complaints. Suitable for seniors and children, too.
Our Sauna Facilities
Our Sauna Facilities
Our Sauna Facilities
Our Sauna Facilities

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